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powerBeing active is a challenge these days, especially for youth. Well it is time we take a stand, make a difference and start a revolution. It’s time we Pledge to Play more, Pledge to be healthy, and Pledge to a brighter future for kids all across the globe. ChampionVillage is an online platform to help kids discover and keep track of their healthy decisions on a day to day basis. And guess what, it is a lot of fun!!

Earn Prizes

userEvery activity you log on ChampionVillage will be rewarded. Earn points as you compete against yourself, your friends and your classmates. Redeem points for awesome virtual prizes to enhance your character and customize your tree fort. Increase your skill level to unlock and achieve new and exciting badges. You can even earn real world prizes!!

Stay Fit

heartWhether your goal is to become an athlete, an astronaut or even an artist, being healthy is an important part of life. Living a healthy lifestyle will make your life more fulfilling, make you happier and help you achieve your dreams. Let’s have some fun. Let’s get outside and play more. Let’s earn cool prizes. Let’s show off to our friends. Let’s stay fit!!

I love to keep track of my fitness on ChampionVillage. It motivates me to stay healthy and keep up with my friends!

Matt, Age 13


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