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Welcome to ChampionVillage, an exercise platform for kids guided by an unwavering commitment to health and wellness. In the form of a customized Champion avatar, your child can join the community, engage in various fitness activities, earn points and rewards, and compete with their friends.

With new exercises and fun rewards constantly being updated, your child will have continual motivation to stay active and develop a healthy lifestyle. Help your kids create their accounts today and see why kids all across America a Playing More and Winning Big!


box_alertAt ChampionVillage we are not only committed to your child’s health but also to their safety, on and off-line. The content they view as well as activities they do are passed through several filters to ensure a fun and safe environment.

Your child will never be asked to share personal information online and all social interactions are controlled and monitored cloesly by the ChampionVIllage team.


thumb_downOf course your child would never try to beat the system!! But in case they try, we have built several controls to prevent it. We want each user to have the best experience as possible. Do ensure this we encourage users to maintain 100% integrity.

We have a strong No Cheating policy at ChampionVillage. Users caught cheating will loose any rewards earned through the action. Also, activities must be confirmed by the parent in order to receive points. This can easily be done via your parent account or the email we send you. We also set point limits on activities (1000 push-ups in one day is probably a little unrealistic).

Parent Invovlment

homeWe all know how hard it can be to pull the kids away from the TV sometimes. Or the struggle to get our kids eating fruits and vegetables instead of potato chips. Well, we have finally found a way to get kids to be more active and improve diet in a fun and interactive process.

Let our online platform do the work while you can simply sit back and see the results. Our engine allows you to be as involved as you want. Parents can create an account to see all the healthy activities your child is doing. We even allow you to set incentives for your kids to keep them motivated.

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