What Happened to PE

According to the Clinton Foundation, a whopping 92% of elementary schools no longer have daily physical education programs year-round. Most kids will only have organized physical education once a week. The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) act, which greatly increases a school’s accountability on academic standards, has caused a 35% decrease in physical education and 28% less time for recess. Sounds to us like there are lots of kids being left behind.

We understand how hard it is for schools these days. Which is why we want to help. It is crucial that our youth learn the importance of health and are encouraged to make healthy decisions on a daily basis. ChampionVillage provides a structure that does just that. While it is fun and engaging for kids it is easy to use for schools.

The school is a great place to teach kids the importance of health and fitness. Unfortunately it isn’t happening as often as it needs to. We are committed to giving back to the community by helping schools improve their students health. We have developed a platform that can easily be integrated into a school. Each ChampionVillage School will receive materials to get kids excited about being active again. We can then host kick-off events, get kids on the program and set incentives to really get the school motivated. The best part is that our platform does the most of the work so that teachers and administrators can focus on other things.

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