Why don’t I have C-Notes?

ChampionVillage rewards each and every healthy decision with an online currency called C-Notes. Use your C-Notes to buy cool virtual items, customize your character and compete with your friends! All C-Notes must be confirmed by a parent before they can be redeemed. This can happen two easy ways.

1. Create a parent account at
2. Confirm them right from the email we send to the address used when the account was created.

Keep in mind, C-Notes cannot be validated until the next day, just in case your child decides to make changes to their daily-log. For more info watch the video below called “Earn Points.”

This will help you fix most of your problems!

If you have encountered a “bug” on our site, stop and see if you are using Internet Explorer. If this is the case simply follow the link below to download the latest version of Firefox, it’s free! This instantly fixes most bugs you will encounter. Alternatively, if you already have Safari or Goolge Chrome they work just as well.


Why did I get an Activation Error?

My child created an account, I received an email to activate the account and when I clicked the activation link I got an error message?

Close the webpage and navigate to Click the “login” button on the top right corner. Click the link for “Player” and simply login with the username and password your child chose. This should completely activate your child’s account.

What do I do if I forgot to log activities for a previous day?

Bummer! We are glad you are working hard and staying healthy. Please send an email to and we will
see what we can do. Optimally we will issue you C-Note credits for your hard work!

How can we have two parents linked to a child?

Both parents can create an account at . Click the button that says “Add New Champion.” Simply enter your child’s username and password. The original parent account (the email address used when the child account was created) will be sent a confirmation email to allow the second parent to link to child. After confirming the second parent both parents can now see your child’s progress and validate points.

Internet Explorer

To have optimal experience on the site we highly recommend you use Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Both are free web browsers that will keep your ChampionVillage experience up to date. If you are using Internet Explorer you will want to make sure you have downloaded the latest version. This will greatly reduce encountering errors while using the site. Thanks.

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