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Kids in Action – Why be fit?

A combination of physical exercise and healthy nutrition are extremely important in a child’s life. Exercise helps our bodies reach peak performance and can reduce serious health risks. Stronger bones, healthy joints and increased strength are only a few of the important benefits of exercise. Studies show that children who get the appropriate amounts of exercise also enjoy the ability to sleep better and have reduced stress.

As if those weren’t reason enough… but just in case. The earlier a child develops these healthy habits the greater the chance they continue throughout their lifetime. The majority of college and professional athletes had a great “love” and “passion” for playing when they were kids. Let’s help our kids find this same love in being active. Let’s get them off that couch and out of the house.


An Idea… or Two…

Exercise for ages 4-5

By the time your child is 4-5 years old they have developed their motor skills enough to control the basics. At this stage they are working on further improving balance and increasing their physical skill set.

Though an hour is the minimum required amount of physical activity in this age group up to 2 hours of exercise is beneficial. The exercise should be split between an hour of structured activity that you plan and an hour of unstructured activity that the child is able to decide on.


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