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Running marathons, playing basketball, soccer, tennis, hiking, swimming, lifting weights, skiing, snow boarding, surfing, wake boarding, biking, rock climbing, football, and softball are just a few of the activities we love to do. Being active our whole lives has made us who we are today. When we were kids there weren’t nearly as many distractions as there are today. We were forced to get outside and invent things to do. The habits we developed as kids have made us who we are today.

Kids are constantly bombarded with distractions. They have learned to love the couch more than the outdoors and the controller more than the glove. It’s time we make a change!


Our Mission

If we can’t completely separate kids from the various forms of gaming, let’s use them to drive something meaningful. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the virtual and real worlds. Gaming has proven effective at getting kids to engage. ChampionVillage harnesses the power of online gaming to incentivize and reward kids for getting out and playing offline.

We have created a powerful tool to help kids develop the same habits that have brought us much joy in life.


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